1. Chocolates or Cheese?
As we determine the enhancement of an eye-catching persona for your organization, you'll be informed from time to time of a choice of options - we will be offering you alternative selections. We will offer you two dissimilar public images - a contrast in imagery for you to choose from.

2. Print & Publishing

We can develop your entire brand, including the message, logo, look and detailed graphic standards. We help you to add the extra punch in the look and feel of your brand. Or we could help you to add in a new message into your brand or simply redesign the entire range.

3. Web Development
Whether you need the sizzle of flash or the simplicity of a simple site, or you need to update your existing site, we give that to you. We help you to make your presence felt electronically. So leave everything in our hands and watch your site come to life.

4. CD Presentations
Todays' technology offers a lot of bells and whistles and we can give that to you through our CD Presentations that we make to highlight your company. We make sure that the message we design for you has the style and substance to keep your audience spellbound.

5. Print AD's
If you need something that makes people stop and take a second look! We give that you to, be it your stationery or a simple broucher, we give you style with simplicity.

6. Software Development
We also have a complete team dedicated to software development to give you customized packages for your business.

7. Animations
We can create entire sites by just using animation packages like Flash, incorporating entrancing sound effects and vibrant picture effects.